Our selection of coffee

At Genius-Sanremo Group, we are fortunate to work alongside so many amazing people and businesses. It is an honour to be a part of the specialty coffee community, and to share knowledge, passion, dreams, and coffee.

COVID-19 has truly taken us back and made us realize how, in a way, we almost take the existence of local businesses for granted. We admire your successes and accomplishments, and see you as integral parts of your neighborhoods, and thus can't imagine a day without you. Supporting independent businesses is an essential for us, but it has never been more important and crucial than now.To support our friends and fellow businesses - not only through these unique times - but into the future and beyond, we have come up with a fun new project to offer coffee-loving consumers across the country.

The goal is simple, and one we hope you can agree with: Get more independent roasters' coffee in the hands of consumers, and use our platform to showcase the great specialty coffee that Canada has to offer.