• Rabbit Hole Roasters - Yi Wu 227g

Rabbit Hole Roasters - Yi Wu 227g

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Rabbit Hole Yi WuAn amazing, wild coffee from China, whose specialty coffee industry is new and upcoming. This coffee is basically an exotic fruit punch with all the colours represented and topped with a caramel finish. 


Flavour Notes: Pineapple, Pomegranate, Lychee, Caramel


Origin: China Yi Wu


Varietal: Catimor


Processing Method: Natural


Recommended Brew Method: AnyThis coffee is available in 227 gram bags.


About the Roaster:

Rabbit Hole Roasters' goal is to build an honest business and dare we say, different. They want the general public to be more curious while also satisfying the coffee geeks. They will not shy away from classic profiles and roasts while also offering coffees that are complex. They work with small importers that share the same values: to do good without embellishing the reality. 

Rabbit Hole Roasters is based in Montreal.