• Moja Coffee - Imara Espresso Blend 400g

Moja Coffee - Imara Espresso Blend 400g

  • $17.50
Moja Coffee Roasters' top selling coffee since day one. This signature blend brings the ultimate balance between chocolate, caramel, and crema. Imara has won industry acclaim for this balance and continues to be sourced by the finest coffee houses. This espresso is certified organic.

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Caramel
Recommended Brew Method: Espresso

This coffee is available in 400g bags.

About the Roaster:
Moja Coffee Roasters was largely influenced by the coffee scenes in Milan and San Francisco. In the spring of 2004 the company was named Moja, meaning "one" in Swahill. The name represented what the owners believed was the best way to showcase coffee, and it honoured family roots. Official operations began in 2004, and in 2008 the first Moja cafe opened up.
Moja Coffee Roasters is based in North Vancouver, with 2 shops in Greater Vancouver.