• Republica Coffee - Diabolique
  • Republica Coffee - Diabolique

Republica Coffee - Diabolique

  • $15.00

A truly "diabolical" blend of South Pacific and South American coffees. Combined to create an elegant, complex blend that oozes crema, with enough brightness to shine through milk.


Flavour Notes: Buttery Caramel, Nuts, Dark Belgian Chocolate, Candied Fruit

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, indonesia
Recommended Brew Method: Espresso, Drip, or in a Press


This coffee is available in 1 pound bags.


About the Roaster:
Republica Coffee Roasters is a locally owned and operated Artisan coffee roasteria. They import only the finest Arabica green beans available, roast them for the ultimate in flavour and aroma, then prepare blends that are uniquely their own. Their quality control begins with coffee bean selection. By sifting through hundreds of available beans to decide which are good enough to put their name on.
Republica Coffee Roasters has three cafes around Greater Vancouver, with their headquarters and roastery in Fort Langley.