• Structure - 1852 - 340g

Structure - 1852 - 340g

The 1852 represents Structure's desire to perfect the beans for lattes. With its more intense roasting, the 1852 is perfect for a latte in the morning or an espresso with character.

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Round

Origin: Brazil Minas Gerais, Colombia Huila

Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo

Processing Method: Washed, Pulped Natural

Recommended Brew Method: Espresso

This coffee is available in 340 gram bags.

About the Roaster:
Structure Coffee Roasters strives to build genuine relationships with their customers, staff, suppliers, and partners. They travel to meet producers and trade with them directly to work for the long-term profitability and sustainability of all parties. To them, these strong partnerships, born out of the coffee you drink, is a promise of the best product you can enjoy.

Structure Coffee Roasters is based in Montreal.