• Traffic - Kirinyaga AA

Traffic - Kirinyaga AA

Traffic Kirinyaga AAThis coffee is named after the city where it is transformed. In line with Ethiopian customs, farmers deliver coffee cherries at the washing station located in town. Being close to Yirgacheffe in the gedeo zone, the cup profile is quite similar: powerful, floral, and delicate.

Flavour Notes: Plums, Mulled Wine, Currants, Juicy
Origin: Kenya Kirinyaga
Varietal: Ruiru, Batian
Processing Method: Washed

This coffee is available in 300 gram bags.

About the Roaster:
Almost two complete opposites managed to connect through the most simple, yet still one of the most complicated and volatile drinks in the world. That connection sparked a fire, that sparked a tiny explosion in the universe, that gave birth to what is now a lifelong endeavour to discover and democratize season after season of coffees that they believe to be among the best. A simple delicate golden honey processed Costa Rican or a furiously funky, explosive anaerobic processed Ethiopian. It should all be drunk and enjoyed with excitement and thanks to the coffee gods.
Traffic Coffee Roasters is based in Montreal.