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  • Barista Pro Baskets

    Your portafilter: it’s where the rubber meets the road; where beans meet water under pressure for the first (and last) time.  You’ve only got a few seconds to extract the fullest, richest possible flavor before things start to go downhill.  So it’s surprising that so many lovers of great coffee l... View Post
  • OCD v2 – The Next Generation in Perfect Coffee Distribution

    Experienced baristas know that an even distribution of ground coffee in the basket is ideal for creating the perfect extraction.  But what’s the best way to achieve that elusive perfect texture?  Everyone seems to have a favorite method:  sweeping the coffee with a fingertip, stirring with a pape... View Post
  • Sanremo Opera Coffee Machine - The Revolution

    Sanremo Opera – A revolution in brewing Champion baristas are leading a sea change in brewing technology. As flavor scientists for the perfect cup of coffee, the Sanremo World Academy Team (SWAT), have started a revolution in coffee engineering with the Sanremo Opera.  This isn’t just another mac... View Post