Your portafilter: it’s where the rubber meets the road; where beans meet water under pressure for the first (and last) time.  You’ve only got a few seconds to extract the fullest, richest possible flavor before things start to go downhill.  So it’s surprising that so many lovers of great coffee leave what happens in the portafilter to chance.

That’s a mistake.  Look how carefully you choose every other detail of your brew: the beans (of course!), the machine (of course!), the tamper, the weight and timing.  There are bespoke options for all these details and more… and now, you can enjoy that kind of granular control for your filter basket as well.

I want to introduce you to the Barista filter baskets, an accessory that leaves absolutely no aspect of those crucial brewing moments to chance.  If the basket is the heart of the portafilter, then the Barista is like a heart transplant that will amp up your machine to a whole new level.


Essentially a shallow metal pan with tiny holes in the bottom, most baskets do exactly what they say they’re going to do.  They keep the grounds in and let the water through. 

Your current basket might be doing you no favours when it comes to making great coffee.  For one thing, most baskets are made of a type of metal that interferes with the flavours as they pass through, leaving a slight metallic and/or acidic taste.  Holes that are too small could lead to a brew that’s overextracted, with unpleasant astringent notes.  And without attention to detail when it comes to placement of the holes, water’s going to run through unpredictably, giving you more spraying or channeling.

That’s why I want you to think again.  If you believe that truly great coffee is in the details, you need to know about the Barista.  This model will open your eyes when it comes to thinking about extraction.

From the Barista’s slightly rounded shape that doesn’t let water channel and pool, compared to the flat shape of a standard filter, to the conical holes (which, at 0.30 microns in diameter, are slightly larger than standard holes to prevent overextraction); from the spacing of the holes (away from the edge to prevent channeling and spraying) to the nanoquartz coating which prevents adhesion and corrosion which could trap off-tastes.  Even in a naked portafilter, you’ll get smooth, even extraction every time.

Barista’s inert nanoquartz is created through a process which is entirely environmentally-friendly, with no chemical contaminants involved in the process, and the coating is tested and proven to last and last through thousands of uses.  Plus, the nanoquartz coating makes cleanup almost totally hassle-free. 

I think you’ll agree that Barista has thought through every single detail of this filter – even details most us have never thought much about.  And the results prove it.

Simply put, the Barista is designed to help you get the most flavour out of those beans you’ve chosen and ground so carefully.  The result is well-rounded, syrupy, complex and full-bodied with a well-rounded acidity that will remind you of why you’re so passionate about coffee in the first place.

Better still, these baskets can be used with the same grinder setting, the same dose, and the same extraction time (-/+3 secs).  I think you’ll agree that the reward for all this care and attention is absolutely worthwhile: you’ll get a cup with more flavour, more roundness, a more satisfying brew in every way.

Please let us know what you think after testing them out! and remember these products are only available with us! If you would like to place an order, contact us for special pricing just for you.