Sanremo Opera – A revolution in brewing

Champion baristas are leading a sea change in brewing technology. As flavor scientists for the perfect cup of coffee, the Sanremo World Academy Team (SWAT), have started a revolution in coffee engineering with the Sanremo Opera.  This isn’t just another machine – it’s pure genius.  Sanremo Opera does it all for you – with the best range of features available.  This is a machine a true barista can fall in love with.
From the ground up, every single component of the Sanremo Opera speaks of prestige and elegance. 


For coffee lovers, the Sanremo Opera is more than a machine; it’s a thing of beauty, created from the ground up to meet the crushing demands of SWAT competition technique.  Its design includes five individual insulated boilers, including a steam boiler and a pre-heat coffee boiler, along with group heads offering six fully customizable presets.

Every feature of this machine is about control.  Relying on scales to calculate precise brew ratios, the Sanremo Opera will deliver to your precise specifications again and again.  It offers full temperature, dose, and infusion regulation via Bluetooth through the custom Express Yourself app, so you can view and control every aspect of three fully-programmable extraction stages: pre-infusion, infusion, and post-infusion.  For ease of use and instant feedback, there are also LCD screens built into each one of the group heads.Sanremo Opera Tablet

The Sanremo Opera is ergonomically designed, as only a machine designed by a competition-level barista can be, geared up for speed, efficiency and ease of use with touches like a 360-degree toggle switch steam wand, guaranteeing less wrist strain than the usual side-to-side movement.

The design itself is startling yet refreshing in its spare rounded-rectangular minimalism – surprisingly intuitive for the level of brewing technology it offers, putting the controls you need right at your fingertips. 

Sanremo Opera Group Head


This is a machine to fall in love with if you’re a passionate roaster, coffee lover, or barista…

  • who seeks innovative control and consistency, along with an unsurpassed flavour profile
  • who’d like to push your skills to the edge or move up to competition level
  • who desires prestigious and elegant bespoke components that proclaim the uniqueness of your brew
  • who demands high-quality engineering, durability, efficiency, and safety from every point of view

Available in three colours – stainless steel, white, and a midnight black model dedicated to Sasa Sestic in honour of his 2015 victory as World Barista Champion.  We invite you to savour the excitement for a full-immersion coffee experience you’ll never forget – take it from the SWAT dream team.  Sample the Sanremo Opera experience in our Burnaby location or contact us for more information.


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