Ah, amici miei, come una sinfonia d’aromi e sapori, this coffee tells a story, crafted with the precision of a maestro. Using RO water at about 100 ppm, mainly magnesium, the coffee blossoms into a soft, creamy body. Imagine dark chocolate, rich and velvety, melting into toasted nuts, their warmth wrapping around your senses. As it brews, it releases an aroma of preserved black cherries—"sprigiona un aroma di amarene sciroppate," as we say in Italia. Each sip transports you to a sunlit café in front of the majestic Duomo di Milano, where the air is filled with the promise of another perfect day.

This experience, my friends, is not just for the summer. Even in the depths of winter, this coffee will whisk you away to the fashion capital of the world. For the best results, use a single portafilter and a Basket Renato 10. With a brew ratio of 10g of ground coffee to an output of 25g, you'll achieve the perfect harmony. So, let this enchanting elixir bring a touch of Milano into your home, reminding you that a well-crafted cup of coffee is truly a work of art. Buon caffè a tutti!