The Gaggia Classic Pro: the best coffee machine that you can have at home.


The Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine is equipped with a complete stainless steel body, one of the largest water tanks in the industry, a three-way valve, and a 58mm portafilter. This machine is made to last for a long time and make you the best coffee possible with the professional steam wand especially.



The highlights of the Gaggia Pro Classic…

The water tank is a 2-litre water tank, one of the largest water tanks in the industry. You can remove the water tank from the front for cleaning or if you want to quickly refill it. This way is a little more labour-intensive because you have to remove the drip tray and the three-way valve. It is marked with a maximum amount of water on it. That’s one way to do the water, the other way is you can also pour the water from the top so it’s like a pour-over for easy access so you don’t have to pull the whole water tank out. It makes it a lot better as long as you have clearance below your cupboards.



The Gaggia Classic Pro steam wand is the highlight of this machine. It is a great steam wand, you can really steam milk like they do in the cafes, and you can really do latte art with it. It is a thick stainless steel steam wand and as you can see in the video, it creates a great vortex into the milk to be able to inject all that nice air in there and make it nice and creamy. Always remember at the end of your steaming, it is very important to purge. Purge before steaming and after steaming: just open the steam wand slightly holding a cloth and you’re good to go!



The other great feature of this Gaggia Pro - it has just got so many great features - is the 58mm portafilter. The machine comes with three filters. You’ve got the double, the single shot filter basket, and the pressurized filter basket. The pressurized filter basket comes with a little plastic mushroom that goes inside the portafilter so the coffee doesn’t spray out. The pressurized portafilter is a double-wall, so you’ll see all these holes on the inside and then on the back there’s one single little hole to allow the coffee to come out.



The coffee that you are seeing coming out in the video, is made with the non-pressurized portafilter. When you do the non-pressurized you really need to know what you are doing in regards to how fine you grind the coffee and how well you pack it and everything.



The very nice thing about this machine is the three-way valve so that you can remove the portafilter right away after your shot and also you can do backflush cleaning. Check out our backflushing tutorial in the other videos.



This is a beautiful machine, a micro-espresso machine for your house. It fits well in any kitchen.

Hope you all buy one and enjoy the coffees.



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