You may be wiping down your coffee machine at the end of the day, but are you giving it a deep-down clean?

 If you’re not cleaning your machine outside and in, you may be doing it—and your coffee—a disservice.

Coffee gets all those rich and wonderful flavours we fell in love with in the first place, in part, from the complex oils and fats that are present in the beans. 

However, some of those are inevitably going to be left behind each time you pull a shot—often in your portafilter, group heads, under the gasket, and even behind the screen.  

Obviously, when you buy any espresso machine, you’re going to choose one that’s designed to give you days, weeks, months, and even years of hassle-free use. 

But no matter how good your machine is, there are a few steps that can’t perform by itself, so you’re going to need to step in and take care of business, making sure to give it a deep-down clean that will not only give you better tasting coffee, but will ensure even more use between repairs.

That’s because when tiny coffee particles, oil, and grime build up inside your machine, it can actually lead to wear and tear on portafilters, baskets, heaters, pumps, and other essential parts. 

Keeping your machine clean isn’t just recommended for esthetic reasons—it’s how you guarantee yourself the best possible return on your coffee machine investment. 

And the great news is that with the right cleaner, it doesn’t have to be a ton of work!
The Puly Caff Coffee Machine Cleaner gets at all those hard-to-reach oily deposits that build up inside your machine, including the areas that are hardest to reach thanks to backflushing, which gets right up inside your portafilter.
A blind portafilter basket will help with this task, delivering the cleaner to the inner parts of the machine which are impossible to reach otherwise. (Always check your machine’s instructions for specific details on how to backflush, since the procedure will vary somewhat from machine to machine.)
Photo by Kyle Rowsell


You can also use the Puly Caff Coffee Machine Cleaner on any tools, like baskets, where oily residues can also build up.  Other methods of cleaning can lead to damage on the baskets, which will then need to be replaced.  This is a gentle and effective method to get all parts back to like-new condition in one simple step.

We recommend using Puly Caffe Coffee Machine Cleaner every single day for machines in heavy use; you’ll need to backflush less often in a home setting.  Please rinse your machine by running a full cycle through before use after cleaning to ensure that there’s no cleaner residue left inside.

If you have any questions about regular maintenance on your coffee machine, we’re happy to help at any time – just bring it in to our store or call us for onsite service. 

But with the Puly Caffe Coffee Machine Cleaner on hand, you’ll be able to use your machine far longer between service visits, and with far better results. As we’re sure you’ll agree once you’ve tried it out, coffee just tastes better when you take the time for regular maintenance.

Questions on how to backflush your espresso machine, we hope this video helps!