Do you own a small Saeco manual machine and you would like to know how to keep the Portafilter clean? If your answer is yes, you’ve landed at the right place! Here you’ll learn how to rebuild the Saeco pressurized portafilter. 


The only tool you’re going to need is the lowermost number two screwdriver. To start, you’re going to pop three screws off. Observe that they have little shoes on them. This permits the machine to continue to slide, even when the screws are in. So don't lose those!
Once you’ve unscrewed the top, lift it, and you will have exposed the mechanism assembly. These springs are really easy to lose, so make sure you keep them aside securely.
Pop the basket out the other side and remove the springs. It will open up the valve assembly as soon as you do that. This pin is what creates up the 30 pounds of pressure! So the whole idea behind this valve is that it contributes to the formation of crema. You will notice that there's a retaining spring on the bottom. Push through to eject the lower plate on this gasket. You’re going to replace this as well. Now, you’re done with the disassembling! 

Cleanup and reassembly

Now you’re going to go give these things a good cleaning. So the first thing to do is attach the new gasket to the lower support. Notice that the gasket is directional; the groove inside houses the lower plate (Conveyor). What we want is the big side facing up. So in this alignment, we have the big side on the top of the conveyor. Rubber can be a little bit sticky, so coat its edges to ease entry.
Now you’re going to fit the valve assembly onto the post from the filter holder valve. And you’re going to be aided by a bit of stand. The new valve will have to be fitted with this retaining spring. And, this is probably going to be the trickiest. You're going to notice two posts here. Also, the retaining spring has an arm that goes up. So this would be facing towards the top of the valve assembly. And then, with a little bit of pressure, you can hook it around the other one here. Now, this is laden with tension, and that tension will keep it situated inside. 
If you look at the side profile here, you can see that this post is a little bit deeper. It's going to key into this hole here. Set this down on your table and orient the filter or the valve so that this post enters into that keyhole. 

The finishing touches

You will hear a satisfying click, and you’re locked on and in place. Next, you’re going to want to return the springs. The loop goes on the post to the right, and then the arm of the spring hooks on. The following spring is easy to drop. It just goes on the top there. 
Now for the Baxter base, a single orientation will work here. So you have to note that the portafilter handle is at the hinge side of this valve; drop it down straight, and you should feel right away. If you don't have that spring action, then something's wrong. At this point, it's just a simple matter to return the screws in there with a few shoes on them. Seal the gasket when this clamps into the Portafilter. This action pushes down this basket by that small amount into the seal and creates a lock, and this is how you rebuild your Saeco pressurized portafilter!
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Watch the video below to have visual guidance on how to rebuild your Pressurized Portafilter step by step.