NOW AT GENIUS: Origami Coffee Drippers!

by Kennadee Wilkie

noun  the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures

          Just as their name suggests, the Origami drippers draw inspiration from the spirit of the playfully colourful, creative and delicate craft of Japanese folded paper art that has been loved for centuries.

          It is a uniquely-shaped dripper with bright colouring and vertical grooves that makes it look like a folded origami.


“Barista’s dream dripper that inspires your creative mind…”

          Designed by and for the most demanding baristas, the Origami dripper was developed to fuse ultimate functionality and minimalist beauty. With playful form and serious performance, it is as functional as it is beautiful.

          The Origami dripper was designed in Japan, and is manufactured in Gifu, which is one of the largest areas of ceramic manufacturing in Japan. Made with the finest quality Mino-yaki porcelain and hand-finished in one of the vivid colour options. Mino porcelain is one of Japan’s most prestigious potteries with more than 400 years of history. Porcelain has high thermal conductivity, which makes it the most suitable material for steaming.


          The extensive series and colour variations are one of Origami’s advantages. The wide range of vivid colours are visually fun and a conversation starter. Not only do the drippers look stunning, but they also brew exceptional coffee.

          The Origami dripper allows you to realize the best pour over brew that you could ever dream of. The design achieves professional standards of flavour control and brings out the natural characteristics of the coffees you love. 


The Origami dripper was used to win the
2019 World Brewers Cup Championship.
This is an annual international coffee brewing
competition that includes some of the best
baristas in the world. Jia Ning Du, the
representative from China, propelled herself
to victory by brewing a geisha on the
Origami dripper.

          The beautiful conical structure allows coffee powder to be soaked into the water longer, and absorbs moisture firmly. One large hole on the bottom of the brewer prevents clogging and ensures consistent cups with more clarity. The thin and light body of the dripper provides temperature stability and reliability throughout the brew, and doesn’t make you wait to warm up. Noticeably omitted from the dripper design is a handle. This was purposely chosen by the designer because very often handles hinder the brewer pouring method.


          Perhaps the most favourable feature on the Origami dripper is the iconic shape itself. The dripper is made up of 20 vertical creases to provide optimal control of flow rate and brew time. These grooves create air channels between the dripper and paper filter in order to keep the brewing smooth and clog-free. They ensure the smooth passage of hot water, aiding in extraction at various temperatures, and provides you great control over the dripping speed.

          An optional added feature is the Origami holder. Designed separately and specifically for the Origami dripper, these pieces are used to hold the dripper more securely on top of the server, and prevents any heat loss during brewing. The holders come in either acacia wood or AS resin and fit either size of Origami dripper.

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          The Origami dripper proves to be versatile, especially when you look at the wide range of paper filters that are compatible. The Origami dripper fits both cone-shaped and flat-bottomed paper filters, including options from well-known brands like Hario, Kalita, and Kono. The Origami-specific paper filters are more porous and rougher than other filters, thus meaning a quicker draw time. With cone-shaped filters, the vertical creases equally limits contact between filter and brewer walls for improved thermal efficiency and performance.

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Who is Origami?

          Origami is a Japanese coffee company that creates uniquely delightful coffee experiences. They value quality, tradition, and ease of use. Their aim is to offer tools that are truly practical for baristas and functionality that supports the barista’s work. Origami recognizes all tools that are easy to handle and sturdy brings additional value to a cup of coffee. They develop products in pursuit of ultimate functionality with playful and colourful designs that elegantly marry form and function in perfect harmony.

          For the Origami drippers, the product design team collaborated with many baristas and worked out an ideal blooming and dripping time, and the shape of dripper that makes it possible.



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