By Kennadee Wilkie

NOW AT GENIUS COFFEE: The Gaggia Classic Pro and Baratza Encore grinder.

          Have you ever felt coffee-inspired?

          Picture yourself going to a cafe, perhaps it's the one with the big green logo, or maybe the trendy one down the street that uses locally roasted specialty coffee beans (whatever that means!).

          The bags of coffee beans on the shelves are beautifully designed and sing to you with the fresh smell of coffee every day. Flavour descriptors on each bag always catch your eye. Toffee...blueberry...jasmine...You yourself can't taste these specific notes in coffee, but admire the complexity and wish that you could take a sip of your brew and have the caramel notes scream to you. You step past the temptation of taking a bag of beans to order your morning latte - after all what could you possibly brew up that's comparable to the coffee your favourite barista can craft for you?

          You wait for your coffee by the machine it will come from. You admire the machine and are almost intimidated by it and the process of which coffee is made from it. Even more impressive is the barista who seems to be doing at least 1000 things at once but seems to be doing it with ease, and pulling the perfect shot of espresso every time! They must have been doing this for years! And the milk - steamed with just the right texture to turn your ordinary latte into a canvas for art - how is that even possible?!

          Your morning visits to the cafe is an expensive ritual, but its much better than whatever they're brewing up and calling coffee at work! Speaking of work...waiting for the barista to make your latte has made you late again. More times than not this is the case, but as soon as you take that first sip you know it's worth it. The thought of drinking office-made coffee makes your stomach turn.

          Its time....
          Here is your chance to become your own home barista!!!
          At Genius Coffee we have some new exciting products to share with you! Whether you are an aspiring home barista who wants a head start into the coffee making process, or you're already a self-proclaimed home barista looking to take the next step...this is the opportunity for you!

          There is something so satisfying about making that perfect cup of coffee yourself, and during these times where many are staying home more often than ever...there's been no better time to start.



THE NEW HOME BARISTA BUNDLE: Exclusively at Genius Coffee N' Espresso Equipment


          The items in this bundle will help you in becoming the home barista you always hoped you could somehow be. It's easier than you think, and this all inclusive bundle of equipment will make it even easier! We have assembled all the essentials in one package so that you don't have to guess what you need to get started in making your perfect coffees from the comfort of your home.

          Gaggia Classic Pro - The machine that will become your trusty sidekick every morning, or throughout the day when you're needing that perfect espresso or latte. The size of portafiler (the handy tool you put the coffee into for brewing) is the same as the larger commercial machines you see at your local coffee shop, meaning you'll be using the same style and size of portafilter as your favourite barista! The steam wand in this machine is powerful and creates the perfectly textured milk for all your milk-based beverages. With just a little practice you'll be creating amazing art in your drinks in no time. Invite your friends over and show off with this beautiful machine, and even moreso with how well you're going to play the role of barista! You've got this!!!



           Baratza Encore grinder - Not to be overshadowed by the Gaggia Classic Pro, this grinder is an amazing complimentary piece to your espresso machine and for all of your other coffee brewing needs. Super simple to use, adjust, and maintain, this is the ideal entry-level grinder and makes starting out with coffee much less intimidating. In this bundle we include the add-on feature of the portafilter holder. This additional piece allows you to rest the portafilter and grind the coffee directly into it, limiting the steps and the mess in your coffee-making adventures. Who doesn't love when things are easier!!



          Stainless steel milk jug - Your best friend that will always have your back for steaming your milk for cappuccinos or lattes. The shaped spout makes it easy to pour the milk and assists you in your latte art endeavours!

          Stainless steel tamper - This piece compresses the coffee grounds into a tight and flat surface. This is crucial for the optimal brewing extraction. When you do this important step during brewing, don't be shy with the amount of pressure you put on the coffee grounds. You want to show off your muscles and make sure the coffee is securely packed down.

          Stainless steel knockbox - This is used for the easy disposal of coffee grounds after brewing. This one is super sturdy and easy to knock the grounds right out of the portafilter before you make another coffee. Who knew a waste container could look so good!!

          Blind filter - This shiny piece of metal is going to help you out immensely in the cleaning and maintaining of your machine. If you want to ensure longevity in your machine and continue to enjoy great tasting coffee, you are going to want to use this hole-less filter to replace the basket you put your favourite coffee in to brew. Instead of coffee grounds you put just a sprinkle of cleaner on top this filter, and backflush the machine. This is an essential and routine part of maintaining your machine, but not as much as a hassle or time-consuming task as it may seem.

Our favourite cleaner to use for backflushing can be found HERE. We will be including a sample pack in the bundle for you to see why it is our favourite to use!

          Shower brush - To aid you and the blind filter in the cleaning of the group head area of the machine is the shower brush. Coming in either black or red, this brush is made for the safe cleaning of the fragile shower filter on your machine.

          Coffee is complex and exciting. There is so much to try, learn, experiment with, and do. 

          We will be adding more to our Coffee Blog soon, including how-tos and tips to make even better tasting coffee. Be sure to check back for more, but in the meantime feel free to contact us for any and all coffee inquiries and questions.

          To purchase the bundle mentioned in this blog entry, click HERE.

          Happy brewing :)