• Saeco/Gaggia Brew unit kit
  • Saeco/Gaggia Brew unit kit
Saeco Kit 1

Saeco/Gaggia Brew unit kit

  • $28.50

Basic items to replace on a regular basis to keep your machine clean and deliver a great coffee.

Suitable for all fully-automatic Saeco and Gaggia residential coffee machines.

Kit includes:

O-RING - It's a sealing element in fluid-power systems. It's normal to deform when compressed, but due to the pressure, heating, and lack of lubrication it could get dry and shrink causing leak.

Shower Filter - To avoid brewing old coffee that builds up every time you use your machine, it's important to clean and replace this item regularly.

Grease - To ensure that your coffee machine will run smoothly, lubricate moving parts. Saeco grease eases the contact between parts in touch when brewing.