• Saeco Oil Removal Tablets (10 tabs)

Saeco Oil Removal Tablets (10 tabs)

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*Suitable for home machines with a pre-ground coffee compartment

Coffee oil build-up in the brew unit could affect the taste of your coffee and the smooth functioning of your machine. Whilst taking out the brew unit for rinsing under the tap helps, for a more thorough clean, these oil removal tablets keeps your brew unit in better condition for a longer period. 

Cleaning Instructions:
1. Pop a tablet down the pre-ground bypass shoot and select pre-ground coffee to start brewing.
2. Let oil removing solution sit for 15 mins. 
3. Take out the brew unit to rinse thoroughly under the tap and insert back into the machine.
4. Select pre-ground coffee again but this time without adding coffee or cleaner and brew again. The machine will dispense water through the spout. 
5. Repeat above step twice.