• Sanremo Treviso

Sanremo Treviso

  • $2,950.00

Sleek modern design with a classic commitment to quality.  A truly high-end machine with the convenience of plumbing hookup, the Treviso LX is perfect for restaurants, cafés and anywhere people who love coffee gather, or for a truly devoted home coffeeholic. 

Discover all the stability and quiet power and efficiency of a rotating pump along with all the premium made-in-Italy touches Sanremo machines are famous for.  With its copper boiler and piping and a sophisticated heat-exchange system, you’ll have great taste and temperature control with less waiting time. 

Enjoy all the premium features of our standard Treviso machine, including its sleek good looks, in a sturdy, reliable pro-grade system that’ll brew up cup after delicious cup through years of frequent use.